Who is Matt Tsolo?

I am the guy who runs things around here!

On Music an exciting music portal, focusing on the biggest music artists and news out of South Africa and the rest of the world, brought to you by me, Matt Tsolo.

Conceptualised in 2016, this platform promises to get music lovers even closer to the stars than they have ever thought they would before!

I have a background in radio, music and journalism a perfect combination that is needed to make this portal exciting, engaging and ground-breaking.

Let’s get a little bit personal. In my final year of High School, I had a dream of becoming a radio presenter, this was a wild dream because I had no clue what one needed to do to be on the radio.

After high school my sole purpose was to be behind the mic, that’s where On Music came to my head and I started working on it.

This was a brilliant idea for me to not only be behind the microphone but discover new music and artists alike.

I then joined Durban Youth Radio and I put the idea on hold.

My broadcast career picked up in my first year in Varsity, as I joined campus radio station where I hosted the Breakfast show and then moved to Drivetime Radio.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest artists and producers in the country, the likes of Lex Lafoy, Easy Freak, DJ Forte, Gigi Lamayne, Big Star Johnson and the list goes on.

On Music Podcast with Matt Tsolo

Matt Tsolo host The On Music Podcast. The first season is available on all the major podcast streaming sites feel free to check them out here: 

SpotifyGoogle PodcastsApple PodcastsPlayer.fmTuneIniHeartRadioPocketCastsRadio PublicDeezer

The On Music Podcast featured the likes of Paxton, Rethabile, Skyewanda, Lee Cole, Boskasie and more who shared with me how music changed their lives.

I am even more excited to get season two on the road and get to chat with more of your favourite artists on my new Podcast, coming soon.

This has been years of behind the scenes work and I couldn’t be any more confident and prouder to share this journey with you!