What Happened To AKA?

What Happened to Aka

Picture: AKA, Twitter

What happened to AKA is one of the most tragic things to have happened in the South African music scene.

AKA is one of South Africa’s most loved and prominent figures in the music industry.

He has countless hits under his belt which he has released in previous years.

Millions of fans across the world call him the SUPA MEGA and he has been running the South African Hip-Hop scene for years.

What Happened To AKA?

The question that was on everyone’s mind from Friday 10 February 2023 was “What happened to AKA?”

Which was understandable because news had broke about his passing.

AKA, a South African rapper was shot dead whilst leaving an eating establishment on 10 February 2023.

There were various rumors about what had happened to him that fateful night.

It was first said that AKA died during a drive-by shooting.

However, In multiple CCTV footage confirmed that is not what happened.

The footage seen from the night shows that the rapper took a shot to the head.

In the video, an unidentified man sneaks up on him, pulls the trigger at close range and flees the scene.

What was AKA doing in Durban?

Before what happened to AKA on the night of his death, he posted several Instagram stories during the day.

He posted a video of himself the gym.

In that video, he is dancing to American rapper Yeat’s ‘Out the way‘ before heading out.

He also went to get a haircut and dinner ahead of his anticipated performance.

AKA was set to perform at the re-opening of a Durban-based Club.

“The celebrations continue in Dubane this Friday,” says his last Instagram post.

He shared a picture of the promotional material for the event, two days prior to his passing.

AKA never got to perform that night as he met his death just before heading there.

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