Taylor Swift Midnights Tracklist

Taylor Swift Midnights Tracklist

Taylor Swift Midnights Tracklist has been released by this Grammy Award-winning star!

As we inch closer to the release of Taylor’s first album in 2022, things are changing.

It is not a secret that the ‘Message In A Bottle’ singer likes dropping cryptic clues for her fans.

This time around, fans don’t have to wreck their brains, do the maths, or stalk Swift to find the tracklist.

Swift started by creating a Tik Tok series called ‘Midnights Mayhem with Me.’

This was where Taylor would let fate decide which songs from her new album Midnights would be announced.

“In this cage are 13 ping-pong balls, labelled 1 through 13, each representing a track on the midnights album,” says Taylor.

‘Mastermind,’ which is the 13th track, was the first to be announced.

This was followed by Vigilante Sh**, ‘Question…?’ and more, now followed by the full tracklist.

Taylor Swift Midnights Tracklist

01. Lavender Haze

02. Maroon

03. Anti-Hero

04. Snow on the Beach [ft. Lana Del Rey]

05. You’re on Your Own, Kid

06. Midnight Rain

07. Question…?

08. Vigilante Shit

09. Bejeweled

10. Labyrinth

11. Karma

12. Sweet Nothing

13. Mastermind

When is Taylor Swift’s Midnights Release Date?

In August, Taylor Swift announced that she would be releasing a new album called ‘Midnights.’

“This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night,” she says.

“When the clock strikes twelve… we’ll meet ourselves.”

Taylor Swift’s Midnights album will be released on Friday, October 21st, Midnight Sharp.

By the look of things, the album will be released at midnight where one will be.

Fans were reacting to the only feature on the album, Lana Del Rey.

Del Rey is features on ‘Snow on the Beach,’ which is the 4th track on the album.

“What keeps you up at night?” asked Taylor as she counts down the days to October 21.

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