[PODCAST] Carli J Myers Talks About Running A Record Label, Being A Chart Topping Artist & New Music

Carli J MYERs Podcast

Carli J Myers joins Matt Tsolo on the podcast

Carli J Myers joins me an episode not to miss.

With several top 10 hits under her belt, this South African artist take us down memory lane and discusses her greatest hits.

“I have also opened a record label and will be signing artist.” She announced.

In the very competitive game of Celebrity Real or Rubbish, Carli joining the podcast was an absolute game changer!

Listen to the podcast now to find out how she got to this position.

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This is how the leader-board currently looks like:

  1. Boskasie
  2. Skye Wanda
  3. Filipa
  4. King 98
  5. Lee Cole
  6. Carli J Myers

Her new song ‘Just Doing Me’ is already doing what she does best, charting across multiple radio stations and being heard by millions.

Talking to On Music with Matt about the song, she says it is about as once in a life time opportunity.

“It is a song about catching every adventure in life,” she says.

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