[PODCAST] FILIPA on International Success, Chart Topping Songs and How She Writes her music

FILIPA joins me on the second episode of the podcast to chat about how music has changed her life.

The singing sensation was catapulted into the international music scene when she smashed the Ryan Seacrest cover song competition.

“I got a message from RyanSeacrest.com and I thought it was a scam,” she spoke about how she got approached to be part of the competition.

“From there I couldn’t have done it without the support of SA.”

Her cover of One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life’ was what won the hearts of many South African and many music lovers across the world and won her the competition

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Now a few years later, Filipa is still making great music, now studying at Harvard and working between SA and USA, she is really having the most fun.

On the podcast she speaks to me about all that she has been up to and speaks about her music has changed her life.

She also plays my favourite game Celebrity Real or Rubbish.

Watch the music video to her latest single below:

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