[PODCAST] Paxton Fielies Reveals Life After Idols & Spills Tea On Music Journey

Paxton FieLies on the on music with matt podcast

The incredible Paxton Fielies is on the podcast to chat about her Idols and music journey.

With her new sassy track Undeniable out now, Paxton continues to show massive growth.

The song has people doing the Tiktok dance challenge which is featured on the music video.

“When you are at home and you’re dancing in front of the mirror, you look at yourself and say, I’m that B.” she said.

“It is basically about someone stepping into their power.”

The artist says 2020 was such as horrible year, it was important for her to have an uplifting song.

On the podcast, there is a lot that Paxton shares.

She spoke for the first time about life living in the Idols house and the dramatic finale.

It is something you must listen to.

The music video for ‘Angifuni’ has been viewed by million of people on TV and Youtube, Paxton explains the song.

“I wanted to include another language,” she said, “at first I wanted to add Spanish.”

However, she says she knew the song was going to be a smash hit once they added Zulu.

She does mentions that the song has nothing to do with her love life though. Lol.

Listen as Paxton spills more tea and answers all the questions you have been meaning to ask on this latest episode of the podcast.

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