SKYE WANDA Gets Real About Music & Fame – Talks ‘Sukuma’ and Upcoming Album

Singer/songwriter Skye Wanda joins Matt Tsolo for an unforgettable episode of the podcast.

With two Top 10 songs under her belt she is now gearing up for the release of her album ‘Manjomane’ in 2021.

The ‘Sukuma’ hitmaker got very emotional speaking about her Idols journey.

“Even today, I don’t think I have gotten over it completely,” she said in a change of tone.

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She mentions that she had a solid plan and having to leave was a huge blow for her.

Elsewhere in the podcast the two of us speak candidly about fame and manoeuvring within the music space in Durban.

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Skye continues to reveal insightful information about being an artist.

Known for her voice on the smash hit ‘Forever’ by Dj Sthelo, Skye is grateful for the opportunity of being featured and thanks the talented Mondli Ngcobo for being an amazing mentor.

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Listen to the podcast episode now to find out how Skye got tot second position.

Her latest single ‘Sukuma’ is currently doing big numbers on Metro FM and is within the top 40 most played songs in the country.

The colourful music video for this love song is out for you to enjoy.

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