Passenger’s New Album, A Perfect Heartbreak Release

Passenger New Album out now


Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Passenger has released his ‘Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted’, what a perfect title!

The album is populated by drunk and broken-hearted characters and comprised of tracks mostly written when he was newly single.

Passenger is no stranger to making sad break-up songs that captivate all of us.

‘Let her go’, was how most of the world was introduced to this UK star.

With this album originally planned to be released in May 2020, thank goodness to covid, for delaying it and bringing new songs.

The 20-track release is a perfect break-up album that one would want to listen to at a bar, drunk, pre-covid.

Think about this, a broken-hearted person with a guitar and singing their lungs out, extremely relatable.

The Songs

‘Sword from the Stone’ is the opening track, addresses the questions that we have after a breakup.

In one of the lines, he sings; “I can’t do it on my own.”

This is also the song that he performed during one of his YouTube Isolation Sessions earlier last year.

All the other songs that follow continue with the same message, a reflection on pain and moving on.

‘Remember to Forget’, focuses on finding ways to forget about the situation at hand, with alcohol being the go-to place.

We know a lot of people have always turned to alcohol to try ease the pain.

“Stay with me through the night, until the morning light, help me remember to forget,” are some of the lyrics.

In one of the songs, ‘Suzanne’, Passenger sings about a woman who looks back at her life and reassures her.

“You still shine bright to me,” he sings.

In the song the lady asks herself questions about how content with her life she is, even though she might be smoking her lungs away.

This is an absolute solid album, with all of the songs being backed by an acoustic version of it.

Anyone who’s been through a heart-break will definitely related and enjoy this brilliant album.

All physical packaging of CDs and Vinyl will be made of 100% recycled material, and one tree will be planted for every physical piece sold via the Passenger webstore thanks to a partnership with Ecologi and the Eden Project.

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