Jesy Nelson Releases Debut Single ‘Boyz’ ft Nicki Minaj

Screenshot from Jesy Nelson Boys ft Nicki Minaj music video

Jesy Nelson on the music video of her new song Boyz ft Nicki Minaj.

Former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson has released her much anticipated debut single ‘Boyz’. The new song features Nicki Minaj.

This nostalgic sounding song samples Diddy’s ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and involves Jesy singing on the beat with Nicki rapping.

It has been three months since Nelson has teased new music since leaving girl group Little Mix after 9 years of singing with the girls.

“This is a new chapter for me,” said Jesy Nelson on an Instagram video back in August this year.

“For me, this is the music I’ve always wanted to make, I don’t think anyone is gonna expect this,” she continued.

She is right, no one expected her to go from making pop music for years to now releasing a song that has a 90’s hip hop sound, however we are loving it.

Jesy Nelson ft Nicki Minaj

This is not the first time Jesy Nelson works with Nicki Minaj, the pair teamed up back in 2018 when Little Mix released ‘Woman Like Me’.

Taking to Instagram ahead of the release of ‘Boyz’, Nicki Minaj left some few words for Jesy, encouraging fans to stream the song.

“I shot with Nicki a few weeks ago and Diddy it was so fun,” said Nelson while she was on Capital FM breakfast on Friday morning.

“She is the queen of rap and on set she is such a professional,” she continued.

When did Jesy Nelson leave Little Mix?

In December 2020, fans around the world were shocked to learn that Jesy Nelson was leaving Little Mix.

She had mentioned that being in a girl group took a toll on her mental health and therefore decided to step down from the girl group.

Jesy Nelson Boyz Music video

The music video to Jesy Nelson’s new song Boyz, which features the incredible Nicki Minaj was released on Friday, October 8th 2021.

“I co-directed it with with my friend as well, so that was really really special for me,” said Jesy in an interview.

The video was viewed by close to a million times in the first few hours.

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