J Molley Reveals His Favourite Songs & The Meaning Behind His New Mixtape

J Molley 'All Is Fair In Love and war'

J Molley released his highly expected Mixtape ‘All is fair in love and war’,mostly written and recorded during quarantine.

Speaking to us about the release, he says it is all about having an open mind and dealing with entitlements.

“No matter what anyone can tell you based on their perspective on life or religion, law, someone can tell you that you can’t do something, but things still happen, reality can still hit you in the face,” he explains the meaning behind the title.

“It is sort of a comforting thing.”

He then went on to speak about entitlement and expectations.

“We all have this entitled thing expecting life to be fair to us and it is not really true.”

“You’re not actually entitled to anything.”

The songs that got him through

The 14-track project was made during his time in Eswatini, where he was “kinda stuck for 4 months.”

For a person who always wants to make relatable music more than anything, two of his favourite songs on the project are close to his heart.

“My favourites are probably ‘Okay’ and ‘Life is Pain’,” said J Molley.

“Life is pain came out of how I was feeling at that time, I went through a lot during that time and it (the song) is was what got me through it.”

He is referring to the time he was quarantined in another country.

Okay was around the time I was about to leave Swaziland and I was in a good mood and I made that song, it was so vibey.”

The mental health activist admits that Lockdown was “hectic” for him but helped his personal growth.

“I was forced to have changes, I had to get comfortable with myself and experiment on a whole new level.”

“Everything I went through was able to be made into music which is the beautiful part,” continued Molley.

He had a very important thing to say when it comes to enjoying the project.

“Everyone just needs to sit down, relax and get into another state, open up the lyrics, listen to the projects and then try to get into my mind to understand it and relate to it,”

“If not, it will just go over your head.”

All is fair in Love and War’ is available on your favourite music streaming platform.

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