Exclusive: Tems Spills The Juice On New EP ‘For Broken Ears’

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Nigerian Producer/Artist Tems has found producing her own music extremely fruitful.

The ‘Try Me’ smash hit singer has released her EP ‘For Broken Ears’.

I caught up with the multi-talented artist to chat about her music journey.

“When I started making music, I was looking for sound that made me feel and allowed me to truly express myself.” Said Tems.

She was speaking on why she decided to learn how to self-produce her music.

“I needed my music to be a 100% me, a 100% my sound.”

“Me changing the beat whenever and however [I want] is easier than having a producer.”

She has multiple successful singles under her belt since her debut in 2018.

From ‘Mr Rebel’ to her most recent single ‘Damages’ with ‘Try Me’ being her most successful.

“When you’re in Uni (University) you go through a lot of things,” explaining the message behind her smash hit ‘Try Me’.

“I was noticing pattern in my life where people seemed to be selfish and wanted to see what they can benefit from you,”

“People like to hate, and they don’t want to see you succeed.”

Such experiences made the Economics Graduate want to vent about them.

“’Try Me’ was a pure expression of my frustration.”

The song went on to be streamed over 3million times on Spotify and heard my millions more across TV and Radio across the world.

New Music

2020 seems to be a great year for artist, she recently worked on the remix on one of Disclosure and Khalid’s songs.

‘Know Your Worth’ featured Tems and Davido who are both Nigerian Artists.

Tems recorded her verse in her room.

“It coming out was more exciting than more knowing about it.”

With her EP ‘For Broken Ears’ now out, she shared all the behind-the-scenes goss.

“All the songs [on the EP] are a surprise,”

“They are all different and they have different personalities.”

Some of the songs were made about two years ago with a mix of some of her current songs.

“Ice T’ was made before ‘Mr Rebel’.” Explained Tems.

“Interference, which is the first song on the EP, is a song I made during this quarantine period.”

Other songs featured on the EP include ‘Free Mind’ and her most recent single ‘Damages’.

“These sounds are a compilation of everything that I have been doing and sounds that I can do.”

‘For Broken Ears’ which is the name of the EP has a deeper reasoning behind it.

“It is really about healing.”

“Recently, a lot of people don’t listen to understand, they listen to find fault,” continues the producer.

“What that now means is that something in their minds is broken,”

“Because of that their ears are broken because they are not listening.”

“This EP is to heal those minds through their ears.”

Since the release of the project, Tems is the cover of Spotify’s Afropop and Alte Cruise Playlists.

The EP is available on all digital platforms.

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