Dr.Bone & Zakwe Bring The Nostalgic Vibes with New Song ‘KwaZet’

South African Producer/Songwriter Dr.Bone is preserving local sounds through his music.

The former dancer has a brand-new song with Hip-Hop heavyweight Zakwe.

The song is called KwaZet and samples the legendary Mahotella Queens.

Dr.Bone had a virtual sit down and spoke to On Music with Matt about his take on music.

“My sound is influenced a lot by African sounds, I am a village boy to the core.”

“When I started writing, it was the American guys, as I grew into the game, I realised that we have so many powerful people here in Africa to look up to,” he said proudly.

The late Oliver Mtukudzi is one of the people who Dr.Bone takes inspiration from alongside the likes of Maskandi artist Indidane and more.

“There is always an element of African sounding-sh thing in my music and I always want to make sure it comes out.”

The death of his father was what prompted his to transition from a dancer to a full-blown music artist with an album already out.

‘Lindelani’ was the name of the album, with ‘Fak’Umoya’ being the break-out song that allowed him to travel the world.

“I am happy with what happened with my first album,”

“[It] opened a lot of doors due to the sound of it,”

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Speaking about his brand-new song, he praises Zakwe by saying; “he is one the best lyricists.”

“I respect him, he was the guy that really popped here in Durban and showed us that you don’t have to be in Joburg to make it.”

Having worked with him previously on ‘Lindelani’, he wanted to work with him once again.

“It is the music that we grew up listening to, my parents used to pump it for us and it took them through the struggle.” He explains KwaZet.

“We wanted to go back to bring back those good old memories while creating news ones.”

Dr.Bone wants the music be an escape to life and its issues.

Having sampled such a huge track, he confirms that it was important to be respectful of the original version.

“When you approach such a big song, you have to thread very carefully,”

He was meant to drop an EP but is now focused on an album.

Asked for a hint or exclusive into his upcoming album, he says there will be a lot of rapping in the album with possible features from the likes of Big Zulu and Aubrey Qwana.

The nostalgic KwaZet, featuring Zakwe is out on all digital platforms with the video available to stream.

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