[PODCAST] Choccy Chox Dives into his first musical experiences and aces Celeb Real Or Rubbish

Choccy Chox Goodluck

Former Goodluck saxophonist Choccy Chox joins the on Music with Matt podcast for a double bill episode.

The multi-talented singer recently left the band to focus on his solo career.

On this episode of the podcast, Choccy Chox discusses how he got to play the sax, join Goodluck and plays real or rubbish.

“I studied first a diploma in Sound engineering,” he said.

He then went to UCT to study Jazz.

“It was necessary for me to study this because if I was to travel the world, you know music is one language and everyone can speak it right?”

He said he wanted to step to any music platform and be able to make it.

Chox went on to chat about the changing of his name, and how it came about.

With most of the world being on lockdown, a lot of artists looked to social media to share their craft.

He was one of those artists and he came up with Chox Sessions, a series of him doing covers.

WATCH his Chox Sessions


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In a very competitive game of Celebrity Real or Rubbish, he aced it and the whole top 5 changed drasctically, listen to the podcast now to find out how it stands on scroll down to check it out yourself.

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Choccy Chox Goodluck Real or Rubish

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