Amber Fieldgate Delivers A Captivating Debut Single ‘Borders’

Amber Fieldgate/ Supplied

Meet Amber Fieldgate, the voice and brains behind her astonishing debut single ‘Borders’.

I caught up with South African singer/songwriter Amber Fieldgate shortly after the release of the song.

Ironically, she was chilling at a Coffee Shop in Scotland enjoying a cup of coffee after moving there just over a month ago.

“I am a musician, I am a sister, I am a daughter,” said the Psychology Masters student.

Speaking about ‘Borders’, it didn’t take her a long time to write the song.

“I probably wrote it in two days, or a couple of days.”

However, at the time of writing, it was more of a poem than a song.

“It is my lockdown baby, not the most commercial sounding song, it is an intimate song,” she said.

Borders explained

‘Borders’ is a beautifully eerie, yet captivating single that showcases the strength in Amber’s vocals and song writing.

“2020 has been such a strange year and I was going through a lot of changes,” she explains what the song means to her.

“It was the feeling of uncertainty and limbo; it was a weird place to be.”

On the song she sings about the borders not being safe, which can further be attributed to the feelings she mentioned above.

The song is already making rounds on several radio stations in the country and she has something interesting to say.

“I haven’t [heard the song play on the radio], and it is sad, but I wish I could.”

That is manly because she is on the other side of the South African borders, however her family, friends and fans have.

“I get messages from people saying, ‘I just heard your song,” giggled Fieldgate.

She said she is very proud to put her name on the song because it is a “true reflection of who” she is.

Finishing her degree is her short-term goal and then she will see what the future has for her musically.

Judging from this current single, one can tell that Amber has a whole lot more to offer to the music industry.

Listen to Borders here:

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